SCALEMASTER Electrolytic Gold Scale Inhibitor 22mm


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When hard water is heated beyond 40?C the temporary hardness present starts to produce crystal structures known as Calcite or Aragonite. Calcite crystals being generally small and sticky tend to adhere to both themselves and the surfaces of heat exchangers and pipework etc. Aragonite crystals on the other hand prefer to remain naturally in suspension in the water. Scalemaster Electrolytic products operate as a galvanic cell, producing electro-chemical transformations to modify crystal formation from Calcite to Aragonite thus inhibiting build up. As the modification is permanent electrolytically treated cold water can be stored thereby affording whole house protection.

Electrolytic water conditioners provide for whole house protection.

Fitting Location.
Incoming cold water mains supply.

Close as possible to stopcock and before first draw off.

Operating Information.
Designed for cold water application temperature 1?C – 40?C. Do not allow to freeze. Pressure tested to 14 bar. Maximum working pressure 8 bar.


In stock